Motivate Systems
Motivate Systems
We offer VINTAGE computers and custom builds. Whether you want to play retro games or run your old programs, we have computers from most eras and many parts too.

We carefully inspect and test all retro systems and parts to make sure they're in proper working condition. This ensures that you'll be delighted with the product you receive!

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Operating System Installation
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Is this website free?
This is a free website. If you're a raffle winner, your prize will be sent to you for free.
Who created this website?
My name is Sherman Watts and I have enjoyed working with computers since 1999.

Here's a picture of me back in 2004 with a stack of old computers and CRT monitors.

The equipment in this picture was old even back then!

Sometimes it's hard to believe I work on vintage computers of this era, even today. I'm surprised how long computers can last, if they're taken care of.

It's a passion of mine to keep computers from the landfill. My goal is to help others who want to do the same. The purpose of this website is to share knowledge to keep your vintage computers running longer! We'll cover operating systems such as MS-DOS, Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP... all the way up to modern operating systems such as Windows 10 and 11.
Do you accept free-will donations?
Free-will donations are not accepted currently. This website and the offerings contained herein are a free gift.

But what if I want to donate?

Occassionally we'll put a link [right here] to accept free-will donations.

Can I buy a vintage computer from you?
I use eBay as my chosen marketplace for selling vintage computers. There are many other sellers with similar offerings to choose from as well. My listings can be found here.

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